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Who We Educate

Who We Educate

The Institute’s mission is to be the premiere energy education partner for all global energy stakeholders, to support objective research for power technology selection, and to provide unbiased education on how the cradle-to-grave aspects of the energy cycle interacts with the biosphere:

  • Being the leading source of unbiased power and energy information to bridge the knowledge gap between energy policies/choices and how those choices impact the planet  
  • Integrating all energy life-cycle facts into an understandable and accessible education base, so that effective, fully informed, energy business and policy decisions can be made

The Institute believes that educating those with or without a technical background about how energy works, from cradle to grave, in understandable terms linking cause and effect, will help governments and the energy industry achieve climate and environmental targets that are efficient, effective, and beneficial for all. Our holistic, education framework integrates cradle-to-grave engineering, economic policy, climate, and regulatory factors targeting three groups:

  • Institutions of Higher Education: In partnership with the existing University infrastructure, the Institute will introduce multi-discipline Centers of Energy Education that leverage the existing university infrastructure to enable those studying:
    • Law, Economics, Political Science, History, Education, and other non-technical degree fields to understand how energy works
    • Engineering and the Sciences to understand the regulatory and social justice aspects of their design decisions
  • Business, Government, and Industry Organizations: The Institute will monitor and assess new developments in energy technology, applications, and policies to stay abreast of and offer professional courses in how these new developments interact with the environment, climate, and society, including both intended and unintended consequences.
  • Institutional Programs: The Institute will foster professional development for those directly within the energy industry, and for those impacted by the industry, by developing objective analysis and decision frameworks, and executing research in areas of high contention or risk.

The Institute aspires to become the premiere energy education partner for: institutions of higher education; private industry and government institutions; and for individuals, including those in the workforce and the general public.