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NEWS: Canada SMR Launch on Dec 18

The Institute of Global Energy Education (The Institute) is excited to support the vision of Canada’s roadmap to SMR development as an important component of the overall Canadian strategy to a low-carbon future.  We have made a commitment to Canada’s SMR Statement of Principles. As we all know, any technology change requires education of stakeholders for change management to be successful.  Our core mission is to be the premiere global education partner for energy stakeholders, supporting valid research and providing unbiased objective education on all aspects of the energy cycle.  As such, the Institute can support all four Pillars identified in the Canadian Roadmap by providing educational opportunities for stakeholders. We understand that Canada’s Roadmap presents transformational management challenges that The Institute can positively influence by bridging the educational gaps along the way to implementation. This is a great opportunity for The Institute and we can’t wait to get started!

For more information, here is Canada's SMR Launch Announcement and The Institute's Action Plan for the Canada SMR Launch.

For more information, hear from our President, Sean Hagen on how The Institute can help:

Sean Hagen