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To our Stakeholders

To our Stakeholders

Now is a challenging time in the energy industry.  Challenging because of the dynamic technology innovation that occurs almost daily, coupled with the industry being on an important mission and timeline to reach a goal of near zero-carbon emissions by 2035.

The good news is there are many organizations today (for profit, non-profit, and governments) who have adopted a mission of zero or near zero-carbon emissions by 2035. There is significant momentum globally changing the way we do business together and live our lives daily.

The Institute of Global Energy Education (The Institute) believes this will require: (1) a way for the energy industry, investors, the public, and policy makers to understand the complexities of how energy actually works; and (2) public policies that are anchored in fundamental scientific and engineering principles. Our goal is to empower the public to effectively participate in the energy and climate change debate based on sound data.

The Institute’s Vision is to be the leading source of accurate, unbiased, and easily understood energy information and education supporting valid global policy making to achieve a healthier and sustainable low carbon environment. Our website provides more on how the Institute Mission addresses this pathway and about other channels that will provide a means to fill education and information gaps.

So why invest in The Institute of Global Energy Education (The Institute).  There are several good reasons that I would like to share with you:

  • We believe the 2035 Climate Pledge mission requires effective energy education.  The 2035 Climate Pledge mission has many tangible legs with significant global support. It is important to learn as individuals and organizations how energy technologies work, and how they impact what we do, to know how to change our behaviors & processes. For example:
  1. In the US, over 25% of our states have formally issued zero or near zero carbon clean energy policies, with the rest in the queue. Education will be paramount as these policies are put into effect;
  2. Canada has issued a roadmap to a zero-carbon future. The Institute’s plan to support the road map through education was graciously accepted;
  3. Corporations are doing their part thru robust sustainability programs and Climate Pledges.  As an example, Amazon has pledged to be net zero carbon by 2040 by utilizing electric delivery vehicles across all locations.  Understanding, through education, the cradle to grave effects of these pledges will ensure the intended effects are realized;
  4. Individuals will need to learn about low carbon options, including electric vehicle charging stations and low carbon heating and cooling alternatives.
  • The Institute believes unbiased and technically correct “energy education” is paramount to support this transition to a zero-carbon future thru ever-changing technology. Many multi-discipline professionals will be touched by this mission, so it is important that we provide them with the right foundation to enable a broader understanding.  This presents an energy education gap that The Institute is ready and excited to fill. 
  • We seek not to reinvent but to collaborate with our stakeholders, enhance and integrate existing and new valid technical information.   Our vision is for accurate, unbiased, and easily understood energy education and information thru a “cradle to grave” approach in support of valid global energy policy.
  • Our leadership team brings over 160 years of experience in virtually all aspects of the energy and business cycle from cradle to grave. We are taking concrete actions to address the ongoing paradigm shift in energy.

In summary, your support of The Institute translates into two key points:  You support the larger mission of a near zero carbon free environment by 2035 and The Institute’s mission to be successful in providing an energy education foundation for our policy makers, technology investors, business professionals, and education partners.

The Institute Team thanks you in advance for your support.


Sean Hagen, President
Empowering Energy Education