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Higher Education

Who We Educate

We will develop educational partnerships with educational institutions all along the education chain to develop a universal understanding of all underlying aspects of energy development, use, and impacts reaching:

  • Energy Professionals during Formal Training in Institutions of Higher Education: The Institute’s goal is to introduce multi-discipline Centers of Energy Education that leverage the existing university infrastructure to enable those studying:
    • Law, Economics, Political Science, History, Education, and other non-technical degree fields to understand how energy works
    • Engineering and the Sciences to understand the regulatory and social justice aspects of their design decisions
  • The General Public through Primary through Secondary Education: The Institute will reach this goal by leveraging the existing Education Curricula at state and local universities to include a firm energy understanding in the basic Teacher education curricula:
    • Fostering both an understanding of and desire for professional training in energy and power related engineering, science, politics, and regulation
    • Injecting an understanding of the regulatory and social justice aspects of energy decisions directly into the standard educational scheme to develop educated consumers, voters, and users
    • Making camps and workshops available to children of all ages though these teachers