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Joe Wehr: Board Member; Treasurer & Corporate Secretary (more ...)

Joe Wehr: Board Member; Treasurer & Corporate Secretary (more ...)

Mr. Wehr is a professional leader in risk management, internal control, planning & performance, and ethics & compliance. He offers proven experience in various global energy roles during a 25-year career as a leader of large and small teams during both routine and challenging circumstances, including merging cultures from diverse organizations as a key leader following international mergers & acquisitions. He converses powerfully at all levels and departments within an organization. He developed and learned different methods to mentor and integrate financial and situational analysis, risk assessment, interpretation, and reporting skills. Overall, Mr. Wehr excels in providing senior leadership with clear pictures of risks and mitigation options for identifying, managing, and influencing value-added solutions to address issues. Additionally, he offers substantive experience enhancing a safe and accident-free environment.

Mr. Wehr is also a leader in giving back to his community, an important core value expected of The Institute’s executive leaders. Experiences include leading house renovation projects for “Rebuilding Together” – from scoping applicants to contracting all work orders and leading up to 100 volunteers within a single day of work. During the last several years, Mr. Wehr has demonstrated his ability to achieve results in new situations and environments by applying the skills and core competencies achieved from his challenging and successful career in financial risk management, remediation controls, and compliance & ethics performance in the oil and energy industry. 

Iowa State University at Ames, Iowa
    Bachelors of Science in Business Administration with emphasis in Accounting

Leadership Training
    Employees’ Concerns & Safety Management
    Managing Effective Performance Conversations
    Managing Inclusion
    Exploring Inclusion
    Listening Skills / Managing Employee Concerns
    LEAD, a senior leadership course
    Cross-cultural Training
    SSL, Management Framework
    JMW, Manager of the Future

Business Skills Training
    Project Management Essentials
    PSCM Academy Modules
    Security and Safety Awareness
    US Antitrust Training
    Risk Management Principles
    Root Cause Analysis
    Control Excellence Training
    Expert Writing Skills
    Project Management Training
    Advanced Safety Audit
    Economic Decision Analysis